National Development Bank Ltd.

The Suriname Student Loan Fund (FSS) was established in 2009 to provide loans for tuition  payments to Surinamese students who want to attend university and higher vocational education.
Since the establishment, the fund's management has been entrusted to the National Development Bank of Suriname Ltd. (NOB), because of its experience and expertise in credit management.


Fernandes Bottling

Fernandes soft drinks are available in a variety of flavors, and the most popular in the Surinamese community. The corporation Fernandes Bottling Company is responsible for the production and import of Coca-Cola and several Fernandes brands.

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Surinam Airways is an innovative Surinamese airline that provides reliable, profitable transport according to international standards and is driven by an inspired staff, to the complete satisfaction of their customers.

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Early 1958 the architects Ir. Peter Nagel and Ir. Jean Louis Volder accepted the assignment to provide a design for a luxury hotel alongside the Suriname River.  The hotel has an authentic, yet modern look that blends art, cultural wood processing, comfort and luxury. Torarica has been honored in the years to welcome and facilitate many guests. Among them were a few celebrities. Some famous athletes who chose the hotel property: Muhammed Ali (boxing world champion) and Letitia Vriesde (Athlete from Suriname, who won multiple Olympic medals).

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The Sol Group supplies fuels, lubricants, and LPG through an extensive service station network and supplies petroleum based products to commercial customers who are involved in shipping, luxury boating, aviation, mining, trucking and fleet operations.

Sol is the largest independent petroleum marketing company in the Caribbean basin, with operations spanning across 23 countries. This complex business is managed through talented local managers and is ably supported by a Corporate Head Office located in Barbados.

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DSB - Logo

De Surinaamsche Bank N.V. plays an important part in the financial system of Suriname. As the largest commercial bank with an extensive network of branches, we offer a broad package of services to businesses and individuals. WIth our personal approach and involvement , we can provide adequate service to our customers. Our professional staff who feel strongly about integrity and respect, are the most success factor in all of this.

Radio 10 - Logo

The Mastermind behind Radio 10 is Werner Duttenhofer, a radio personality with over 50 years of experience! He has undoubtedly experienced the metamorphosis of Surinamese radio. With Radio 10 Werner proved that it could be different. Different from what people were use to since the introduction of radio in Suriname. For the first time in Suriname, a completely new format aimed at a neglected but interesting target group with a certain potential market value with a music formula designed especially for the true Surinamese.

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Ineffable N.V. is a marketing agency with as core social media. We launched in october 2016 to help companies communicate with their clients in a relatable way. Our goal is to help companies and individuals realize the essence of social media and how they can integrate it into their marketing strategy.

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