Join us for the Social Media Day celebration on June 30th, at the Banquet Hall of Torarica Hotel & Casino from 17:00hrs to 20:00hrs.

Social Media Day, first established by Mashable in 2010, is a day meant to “highlight the ways digital culture has revolutionized how we communicate.”

This impact on global communication is also a reality in our country Suriname. Whether we realize it or not, Social Media has become a great part of our lives. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter; we communicate with each other through these platforms on a daily basis.

So on June 30th, we will join the worldwide celebration with a Social Media Day party at Torarica, with many of your favorite Social Media celebrities, fun games, throwback and current social media trends and much more!
Save the date, and make sure to check out our Social Media Channels for more information and updates. Entrance is FREE.

Below’s a list of some of the social media influencers that you can expect at the Social Media Day celebration event:

ruben-welles          micha-robin -drielinger       serge-skitzo-dyon


Pres-Juriaantje         Asgar-Koster         Kevin-Amain


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