Huan Graanoogst, was born on February 16, 1996 in Paramaribo, Suriname. He is a comedian under the artist name ‘Huan Grantjie’. He started his career in 2012 by posting short videos with a humorous character on social media. A parody of the “My Revolution Is” campaign is what gave him his breakthrough on that forum. His successful short video’s on social media lead to him being asked to make a video for a gala evening by the organization of the ‘Owru Yari Awards’. He gained much praise for this video from gala visitors, as well as professional filmmakers and directors. Together with friend and colleague Pres Juriaantje, Huan has provided various performances for companies and organizations (including Telesur and Another success of the talented comedian was his solo performance in the RoueVerveers show ‘Tyar A Lobi’ in December of 2015 and his stand-up comedy act during the ‘COMEDY XL’ show in December 2016. In addition to his life as a comedian, Huan also studies Marketing.