Dirk Currie was born on October 26, 1958 and at age 19 he started studying Business Economics at the University of Suriname. At the age of 22, he started working at the Ministry of Finance and worked there for 6 years in the Economic Affairs Department. During that period, he was also a part time teacher of Economics and a member of the supervisory board of various government companies. In 1987 he started his career at Telesur where he first fulfilled the role of Head of Internal Control and later on was in charge of the Financial Subdirectory. He also fulfilled the role of Director for 9 years at this company. In July 2016 he started the YLT Consultancy and in April 2017 he started fulfilling the role of Director / COO of Fernandes Concern Management. Currently he’s also a member of the supervisory board of some private companies. His hobbies are reading (spirituality, leadership, change management, good speeches), enjoying nature and all kinds of sports (including racing, sky diving, diving, boating, flying, parasailing, water skiing). He also likes to encourage young people as a public speaker by giving guest lectures and motivational talks.